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The European Federalist Association


The European Federalist Association is a not for profit association whose aim is to create momentum in the European public opinion to build the United States of Europe.

We are not associated to or funded in any way by any institution or political party even though we try to influence them to include a closer European integration in their manifestos.

We are supported by our members and sponsors only. Our members are individual citizens with similar views about Europe to us. You can see a list of our sponsors here.  You can also consult the members of the EFA board here.

Know us.

This is the EFA board


Manuel Blanco


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Manuel Blanco, president of the EFA, is a published author under the psedonime Manuel De Sar


Juan Antonio Romaris

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Treasurer and secretariat


Dr. Gema De Cabo Serrano

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Vice-President and economist

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